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For the convenience of the visitors, we have arranged this information of terms and conditions under easy to understand subtitles, so that your attention can be drawn to any of these terms and conditions that you find relevant and useful.

No Warranties provides information on this website. The information provided on the website comes without any kind of express or implied warranty. This warranty is not limited to but includes merchantability, fitness for some specific purpose, non-infringement or promise of meeting your requirements. All such warranties are hereby waived by the user who is using this website.

This clearly means that if you make any decision regarding your own personal self, health, medical and financial while using opinion/information/news on this website, please bear in mind that for any consequences thereafter, you have the sole liability for making such a decision. You should not rely on either information/news or opinion for making decisions based on reading information/opinion/news on this website. We also do not endorse the opinions of third parties found on the website. We also do not support any product that is shown on the website through links and advertisements on our website. would like to clarify that we disclaim all and any liability or responsibility on the following: accuracy of the information, validity, quality, content, timelines, legality, completeness, reliability and operability or availability of information which is shown on this website or any other website that you reach through links and advertisements on this website.

Health and Medical Disclaimer

We would like to emphasize that is an informational website. The sole idea of the website is to provide data, content which can be collectively called information on various medical conditions, diseases and their respective treatments. This website does not claim to be a substitute for medical advice anywhere in the world. The intention of the website is not to provide diagnosis and treatment replacing diagnosis and treatment of a trained medical professional.

It is strongly suggested that please take medical counsel through a trained licensed physician for any medical condition that you or anyone known to you may have. This website does not even aim to create a physician-patient relationship. We strongly believe that medical decisions are best left in the hands of trained medical professional, and so strongly encourage you to see a physician in your country or state for your medical conditions.

By using this website, we acknowledge your agreement on having understood the disclaimer that it is not the responsibility of or any of the authors, promoters or owner, if you use or misuse the information presented on the website.

It is also understood that by using tips, advice, techniques and recommendations of this website, will not be held responsible for any adverse implications or consequences.

We request you to exit the website immediately if the Health and Medical Disclaimer is not acceptable to you.

Content Disclaimer intends to have content that does not in any form or way intends to malign any ethnic group, race, cultural group, organization, gender, company or individual. Any interpretation of the content on the website is not the responsibility of Any statements interpreted as defamatory to Government, religious and other laws in the country of the visitor or reader of the website is not responsibility of the website.

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As an informational website, there are many links on the website which guide the reader to other websites or some advertisements. would like to make it clear that these websites and any content therein are beyond the control of this website. If the reader of this website moves on to the new website, following a link from this website, it must be noted, that is not responsible for integrity, accuracy, value, authenticity or completeness of the information or opinions mentioned on that website. does not endorse the products, services or information described on those websites.

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We ask you to exit the site immediately if the terms of use on content are not acceptable to you.

Comments on the Website being an informational website has comments on products or information on health issues; however the website is not liable for any comments and its implications and intent pertaining to local laws of your country.

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